It Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

In some cases, allowing users to self-register for an account is appropriate even if all the user data collected in self-asserted. In cases where users are registering and paying for courses, for example, the payment process provides some level of trust to allow self-service registration. The Cirrus Identity self-registration option is an add-on service for situations that do not require an enterprise sponsor or the bootstrapping of a user account from a known enterprise identifier.

For Situations Where Their Word is Enough

There are times where a Customer is just looking for a persistent relationship with the End User but for various reasons, wants the burden of setting up that relationship to be as low as possible. That may be driven by marketing reasons, the fact the application is low risk, or that later processes will further validate the End User. The Self-Registration add-on extends the Cirrus Identity Account Linking or Invitation Service subscriptions to meet this need.

How It Works

The Self-Registration add-On extends either the Account Linking Service or Invitation Service with a static landing page for End Users to start the registration process. The solution provides options to register with a social login provider supported by the Cirrus Identity Gateway and, if the customer is using the Cirrus Identity External Identity Provider, custom external accounts as well. The add-on also extends the claim process shared by the Invitation Service and Account Linking to ensure there is a complete set of registration data at the end of the claim process.