Focus on Access Management and not ID Tracking

NetId, employee ID, UID, card ID, and the Insert-Name-Here-ID -- Organizations invariably have multiple identifiers to manage access to applications. The Cirrus Account Linking service is the solution to connect those identifiers to an external identity (either social or our External Identity Provider accounts) so you can easily manage access for the same user even as they migrate from one identity provider to another.


One Individual with Multiple Digital Identities

You may have a Google email address, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile. Each of those digital identities is a slice of the digital “You” shared to a different audience. Account Linking gives you the choice to use one of your digital identities to establish a relationship with an organization by linking it to data the organization maintains.  Organizations can then authorize access to services as appropriate based on internal risk analysis.

Common Uses

  • Applicant Access
  • Alumni Engagement
  • Online Learning

How It Works

Account Linking can happen several different ways, depending on the customer situation and the user audience. The common element is that the digital identity the user chooses, such as Google, Microsoft, or LinkedIn,is connected to data provided by the organization. The linking can take place in an authentication flow (via SAML or JWT) or via  REST based  APIs and the JSON data format. Cirrus Identity provides configurable UI forms and email workflow, making it easy to set up the right account linking flow for our customers.