Your organization will need to set up the API integrations with each social identity provider. Because people and organization units come and go, you may want to consider the following options when deciding how to set up your API integrations:

  1. Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn allow you to add more than one administrator for an application integration with their identities. 
  2. Twitter, Weibo, and Microsoft allow only one account to administer the API integration
  3. Yahoo are OpenID providers and you don't need to set an API Key and Secret

Document the accounts you use to set up integrations with Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, and/or WindowsLive. You can send Cirrus Identity the account names you used (but not the credentials) and we'll keep track of them in case you forget in the future.

We highly recommend you establish multiple administrators. Below are instructions for setting more than one admin for Google. 

Remember that you can access the social provider API consoles by going to the Cirrus Console, choosing the social provider from the icons on the left, and then clicking the link on the right in the API integration instructions window.

  • Log in to developers console
  • From the Google Cloud Platform Dashboard, select the menu button in the far left
  • From the menu, choose "setting"