For each social provider, you must set an API Key and secret for the first SP (note that Yahoo is an exception as they use OpenID as opposed to OAuth or OpenID Connect and do not require that you set an API Key and Secret):

  1. You will need a developer account for each social provider you wish to integrate. Please be sure that you keep track of the credentials you use to administer the social provider integration. Some social providers allow you to add additional administrators. Make sure you do that so that someone else can manage the integration in the event you leave your organization or are out of the office when access is required.
  2. Log in to the Cirrus console and go to the MySPs tab at the top and choose the first SP to integrate with a social provider. 
  3. In the configuration page for the Service Provider, you'll see icons for the enabled social providers on the left (the set of enabled social providers are set in the "Gateway Service" configuration section).
  4. Click on a social provider and you'll see input boxes for API Key and secret. If the Service Provider has already been integrated with this social provider, those fields will contain values. If not, the scrolling window on the right contains step-by-step instructions for setting up the API Key and Secret for that social provider. Follow the steps and copy and paste the API Key and Secret from the Social Provider into the console fields.
  5. Be sure to grab the authorized redirect URI from the instructions and copy and paste that into the social provider developers API console. 
  6. Instructions for adding authorized redirect URIs for each provider are available in the adding authorized redirect URI article.