You may decide to use the same Social Identity Provider integration across multiple Service Providers in your organization. For a single service, you may have different dev, test, and production instances where you want to share the same API Key and Secret. Or, you may wish to have the same unique identifier for all Facebook users (Facebook and LinkedIn generate a unique identifier which is tied to a particular API integration, similar to an eduPersonTargetedID). 

This article contains instructions for settings in the Cirrus Identity console that allow sharing an API Key and Secret with multiple Service Providers. 

For each social provider, you must set an API Key and secret for the first SP. See Social Provider API Integrations for Your First Service Provider

You can share this API Key and Secret across multiple Service Providers, but you must add a new authorized redirect URI for each Service Provider to the social providers API settings. 

Important note: Twitter does not support the addition of authorized redirect URIs for more than one Service Provider.

To add a new Service Provider using the same API Key and Secret:

  1. Be sure you know the credentials for the user account at the social provider that was used with the initial API integration. 
  2. Log into the Cirrus Identity console and navigate under the MySPs tab to the Service Provider that has the existing API Key and Secret.
  3. Copy and paste the API Key and Secret from the existing Service Provider to the configuration page for the new Service Provider.

    Then, still in the configuration page for the new Service Provider, on the right side of the screen, scroll down the API Setup Guide Window until you find the authorized redirect URI generate by the console for the new Service Provider.

    Copy the redirect URI for that provider. Then scroll back to the top of the API Setup Guide window and click the link to go to that provider's developer console.

    Adding Authorized Redirect URIs to social provider developer consoles

    Now you'll need to scroll down the API Setup Guide in the Cirrus console for each social provider and copy the authorized redirect URI for the new Service Provider you are setting up, and then navigate to the place in the social provider developer console where you can paste that into the API settings.

    Please refer to the article on setting redirect URIs for instructions on where to paste those links you copy from the Cirrus console.