1. Your Institutional IdP Configuration

In order for you to be able to log into the Cirrus Gateway Admin app, your institutional IdP needs to release eithermail or eduPersonPrincipalName to the Cirrus Gateway Console service provider. This service provider is listed in the InCommon metadata with an entityID of:


2. Make sure you are set up as an admin in the console

If you signed up for a free trial via our website or a demo, we entered the information you sent us to set up your first organizational administrator. Org admins can add additional admins anytime. You will log in with your local username and password (at your campus or company) unless you requested login via a gmail address.

3. Login to the Cirrus Gateway Console

Once you're set up as an admin and your Identity Provider releases email and/or ePPN to our console, try logging into the Cirrus Gateway Console. You can always get back to this console admin link by going to the main Cirrus Identity website and clicking on the "Console Login" on the top nav bar.