You can access the configuration for a Service Provider by either clicking on the name of the Service Provider on the dashboard [#1], or by selecting the name of the Service Provider from the My SPs menu [#2] at the top of the page.

Gateway Service

The basic attributes for each service provider are configured at the top of the Gateway Service page. Help for each attribute is also provided on the page. 

The Social Providers available for the Service Provider to authenticate are selected at the bottom of the Gateway Service page. Providers selected will be available for configuration, and later presentation in the Discovery Service.


The list of Social Providers that can be configure for each Service Provider are listed to the left. When initially enabled, the Cirrus Identity Console will indicate providers need to be configured [#3]. The mapping of the attributes for each Social Provider may also be accessed at the bottom of the list [#4].

Discovery Service

The Discovery Service page is where you configure your service provider to allow users to select identity providers, including social providers, to access the service. The top of the page lists Federated Identity Providers from the different trust federations [#5]. This includes custom federations that have been created by Cirrus Identity such as the "Athena Federation" for our demonstration organization [#6]. Checking the box to the left of an identity provider places it in the Selected IdPs list [#7]. To present the identity provider in the discovery interface as preferred, drag it to the Preferred Providers list [#8]. Preferred Providers can be placed on a separate tab in the discovery interface, select the option to do so below the Preferred Providers list [#9].     


A Button Style of discovery interface is available when using the Stand-alone discovery interface type. This will present the discovery interface using large buttons [#10] instead of a list [#11].

  To configure the button style discovery interface, select Use Button Style [#12] and then configure the options. 

Options to configure and style the Discovery Service user interface are available at the bottom of the page. Help for each option is also provided on the page.