You can access the My Organizations section by clicking on the organization name on the dashboard, or by selecting the name in the My Orgs menu at the top of the application.


The Organization page lists basic information about your organization, like Organization Name, Support Email, Organization URL (this must match a value in the federation metadata), and Global Admins.


The Admins page is where you manage the attributes about the admins for your organization. On this page you can create and edit admins. Once you have an admin created, you can make that admin a Global Admin on the Organization page, or a Service Provider admin on the Service Providers page.

Service Providers

The Service Providers page is where you manage which Service Providers are available to your organization and which admin(s) have the ability to manage them. The list of Service Providers comes from the various federation metadata files that the Cirrus Gateway supports, and is derived from the OrganizationURL in the metadata.

Social Providers

The Social Providers page is where you manage which Social Providers will be made available to your organization. By selecting Social Providers on this page, you will make them available for each Service Provider to use. If you only enable Facebook and Google, then your Service Providers will able to able to use those two providers, and will not be able to use Twitter, Windows Live, etc.